Different From the Rest

At Exit5 Auto Group we are focused on offering a friendly and honest customer experience .  Whether you are looking to buy,  sell, or service your car - you will be glad you came to see us.

Here are a few things that make us different than other dealers in the area.

  • We pride ourselves on our transparency.
  • You deal directly with an owner or a salesperson authorized to make a deal. There’s no going back and forth with “management.”
  • We price our cars at a level that we expect to sell them.  The prices are not inflated, which results in an uncomfortable shopping experience.
  • We offer a fair price for your trade.
  • We have a state of the art service department and stand behind every car we sell.

The Exit5 Sales Team

Rudy Caiazza
Owner and General Manager
Rudy has over 25 years experience running dealerships. He began is career in Troy NY, with a Dodge dealership. After several years there he moved took a management position in a local Ford dealership and, before starting Exit5 Auto, Rudy led the used car division for Northway Toyota. Over the course of his career he has built a reputation for both being fair and honest.
Jill Kavenaugh
Sales Associate

Eric Telesky
Sales Associate
Eric is a Sales Associate here at Exit5 Auto and has been with us since our inception. He is also an authorized agent for Kelley Blue Book's (KBB) acquisition team. So whether you are simply looking to sell your car or contemplating the purchase of a new one, Eric can help. Before coming to the automotive industry, Eric worked for Apple Computer where he honed is low pressure, customer focused sales demeanor.

The Exit5 Service Team

Korey Thomas
Service Manager
Korey is a Certified Toyota Master Technician and has over 10 years experience leading the service team in the area’s leading Toyota dealership. At Exit5 Auto he oversees our service department and, unlike managers at many other dealerships, Korey also contributes on the shop floor. This is just one more reason that service levels at Exit5 are so high.
Travis Walters
Master Technician
Travis is a Certified Master Technician and has over 6 years experience. During that time he has earned both Toyota and Lexus Master Certifications . He is also a Certified Hybrid Technician as well. Travis joined Exit5 Auto in 2016 and his skill sets combined with his can-do attitude immediately made him a valuable member of our service team.
Danny Gitto
Master Technician
Dan is a Master Technician with over 30 years experience. Prior to coming to Exit5 Auto Group Dan owned and operated his own repair shop – DANCO Automotive Services. Dan has many strengths but his experience with Exotic and Classic cars most notably sets him apart from other technicians in the area. It is for this reason that Exit5 Auto recruited Dan to join our team.
Tyler Walters
Tyler joined Exit5 after spending a few years working at a local Lexus dealership. As a certified technician he brings a wealth of experience and a deep knowledge base. Like many of the other Technicians at Exit5, Tyler has a diverse skill set. In addition to his training on Lexus vehicles, he is also a diesel specialist and has extensive experience working on heavy duty vehicles.
Mike Biance
Mike is a multi-talented technician with experience at both new car dealerships and automotive specialists like Exit5. He has a 'can do' attitude and the technical skills to back it up. He is a big asset to our shop and we are pleased to have him on our team.
Mike Blaauboer
Service Adviser
Mike is a proven Service Adviser and plays a key role in coordinating all repair work done here at Exit5 Auto. He works closely with our Technicians and oversees all repair orders as they go through our shop. We recruited Mike for this position because of his reputation of being fair and honest. When you leave your car in Mike's care you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of.
Mark Russman
Service Advisor
Mark came to Exit5 after spending almost 30 years as the Head Service Adviser at Gendron's Truck Center. His knowledge of medium and heavy duty trucks is unparalleled. However, trucks are not his only specialty, he has a rich history in servicing cars of all makes and models as well. If you're looking for an experienced, honest, and trustworthy person to care for your vehicle, Mark is your man.