Car heater

Car Heat Repair

When it's cold outside there are few things are more uncomfortable than driving around with a malfunctioning car heater.  If yours is out of whack, you’ve probably already noticed. What causes a heater to blow cold air? It could be any number of things, but here common problems that can easily be addressed by the experts at Exit5 Auto.


Low Coolant

It may sound funny, but your car's heater is actually controlled by the engine's COOLING system. Engines produce a ton of heat and coolant must flow through the system in order to prevent it from overheating. When coolant flows  into the heater core (a ‘mini-radiator’ close to the passenger cabin), it  transfers that heat into the cabin. This means that when coolant level is low, usually because of leak somewhere in the cooling system, the vehicle heater will stop working. When this happens it is important to find the source of the leak and fix it.  Otherwise we risk serious engine damage.

A Plugged Heater Core

When the coolant is dirty, it can have an adverse effect on the heater core. A heater core that’s clogged with grit and grime is easier to replace than to fix.  That said, before doing so we recommend to have your cooling system professionally flushed.  That way you can be sure to avoid running into the same problem later.

A Damaged or Stuck Thermostat

An engine’s thermostat controls the coolant flow.  Once the engine warms to an ideal temperature, the thermostat “opens” to let out coolant and prevent the engine from overheating. A damaged thermostat will sometimes get stuck and disrupt the engine cooling system.  That, in turn, affects the passenger heating system too.

The lesson in all of this?

A broken heater likely signals bigger engine problems. It is wise to bring your vehicle to the certified technicians at Exit5 Auto.  We will pinpoint your cooling system problem and make sure that you get on the road safe and WARM this winter.