HMO Coverage

Vehicle Repair Coverage That Actually Makes Sense

Would you buy a health insurance plan that doesn't cover routine visits to your doctor? Of course not.
Would you buy dental insurance than doesn't cover teeth cleaning every 6 months? Certainly not.
So when buying a pre-owned vehicle - would you buy a warranty that doesn't cover brakes, tires, or your battery? No way.
Guess what - at Exit5 we don't sell a inadequate warranties like that. In fact, that's why we came up with the Vehicle HMO plan.
Simply put, our warranty covers routine items that you actually need! Sure, it covers major engine components as well but the coverage isn't limited to just those items.
And better yet, when you service your vehicle at Exit5, there is no deductible. If you re out of town - no worries - our HMO plan is good nationwide and is redeemable at any accredited repair facility.
For more information about the HMO plan that's best for you, contact us today. And don't worry - you can get coverage even if you didn't buy your car from us.
625 Watervliet Shaker Rd
Latham, NY 12110

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